27 mrt 2016 Sweet Sunday Contact Jam met Rita Vilhena

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Zoete Zondag

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Deze "Zoete" zondag komt Rita om ons dansers te bewegen. Ze was hier al vaker en wie er toen bij was kennen haar vast als goede docent, fijne danser en bijzonder mens. Lees hier de omschrijving van de workshop maar kom sowieso want het zijn altijd leerzame, verbindende en inspirerende workshops. Altijd open voor beginners en interessant voor gevorderden. Ben je nieuwsgierig? Dán ben je welkom. Sweet Sunday Contact Jam....


Inform (the dance)

Class/workshop with Rita Vilhena

We will work on the idea of support: where and how to get it. We will work with the body landscape: the relation with the floor and with the other bodies.


We will learn that the body contains an effortless landscape of space. How can we make more room for space? During the workshop we will awaken this space, the one we already contain, and we can constantly generate, modify. The body is occupied with infinite movement, where cells take rides, jumps and slides in rivers of blood. Can you imagine that? How far can we fictionalize the space of the skeleton and the skin? The partnering has already started, negotiation is already happening and the floor is there to support the body.

2-Takeoffcontact impro light

To be in contact is to connect. We will use and abuse the floor. Connecting with the floor by taking off and landing, we will warm up the body: pushing; melting; rolling; indulging the floor.

3- Inform your Partner

It’s in the creation of space we find our support, inside and outside the body landscape. In order to connect and dance with other people we will inform the dance with: DIRECTION and INTENTION


Rita Vilhena

is a dancer, choreographer and a teacher/researcher of dance. She teaches development an awareness of the body and employs improvisation as performance. She is an artist of ProductieHuis Rotterdam and the artistic director of Baila Louca.

She has worked with Meg Stuart, Jeremy Wade, Julyen Hamilton, Ugo Dehaes, Mohamed Shafik, Keren Levi, among others. Rita teaches workshops at Modern Theater Dance School (Amsterdam), ARTEZ (Academy of dance Arnhem); Dansateliers, and in international festivals.

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